SoloCamp Leeds: Confidence


The improvised chat about confidence seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people at solo-camp. Having not really attended an event like this before, getting up and starting the discussion off took some confidence for me! But I'm glad to have done it and it's nice to hear that other people have the same issues, and some very constructive things came out. One such thing was the need to meet physically as well as online, any thoughts?




About saying "I can actually do this thing".


About 'permission' and authority - no one has said "yes, you can do this", so people feel like they can't do it.


Talking to people less experienced and confident helps you realise how much you've learnt.


tricks for creativity - pick two random words out of the dictionary and make a connection. If you're stuck in one space, you're not getting random inputs and therefore can't see patterns and make connections.


Recommended reading - A Perfect Mess,


Procrastination? "It's the time when you have the impression you're doing nothing but your thoughts are organising themselves." (Richard Azia on Twitter)



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