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SoloCamp Leeds: Clients

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Why do we have clients?


Clients have a need and we hopefully fulfil that need. But why does a client choose me over someone else? Reaction to first contact; expertise; personality - nice person, outgoing; someone who can tell you waht you don't know; reputation - they've read my blog; experience, skills, being sure you can do the work; references.


We are moving from kilogram era to kilobyte era - it's untouchable, intangiable, people don't always get it. How do you convince your client, and make them understand what social media brings to them?


Harder sell if you have to start from first base. Case studies help people understand. What information is available to the client about you? Magazine articles, links, recommendations, blogs, podcasts - inform the client.


Solving problems.


Value that external people bring is experience of other companies.


Political issues - sometimes good, bolstering your client's position within the business to enable them to succeed; sometimes can be bad when people get in the way for political reasons.


Length of relationship - some people want short-term relationships, but long-term relationships can work too.


You need to get more out of the contacts you have, not get more contacts.


How do you turn a short-term relationship into a long-term on? Set up appointments to check in on people when you actually do and complete the work. "We'll meet in three months to see how you are doing."


Often, demand is for short-term tech solutions, not for how to use the tech well.


Professional websites are mostly static, and owners then wonder why nothing's happening. Have that conversation early on. Assess work after period of time.


Talk about chances of success, give them a case study, and then go back to them later on to see how they are doing and if they realise that there's more work to do.


People don't realise what they don't know until they get into it. They need to experience it for themselves.


Lots of this has been about building up relationships with decision makers but what if that person leaves? Need to keep in touch with the person who you know is going to hang around and create a deep relationship with them. If someone is likely to move on, don't put the effort in with them. New people coming in always want to make a name for themselves so usually fire existing consultants.


Where? We are based in one country but can be global. Keep things in mind like payment, currency exchange etc. How to get paid? Bank transfer.


Possible billing/invoicing - BlinkSale, FreshBooks, FreeAgent, Billable, TransTrac


ERM - Tactile, MindTouch, ZoHo


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